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Born and raised in beautiful and eternal Barcelona (I’m a Catalan), some years ago I moved to Paradise, to the amazingly beautiful New Zealand, where I live with my family (now I’m also a proud Kiwi).

When I was younger, I attended medical school and became a doctor, was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study in the US and there I obtained two Master degrees from Harvard University. Later, I served as General Manager for several multinational biotech companies and international healthcare advertising agencies, working for clients and projects all over the world.

But throughout my life, Music and Literature were always my passions, my faithful travel companions.

music is the language the heart speaks

Music has always been with me.  I have been writing Music since I can remember (and I have a very good memory). A self-taught piano player (a never-ending quest) since I was a kid, I even developed my own rudimentary number-based notation system to write down my compositions. Later in life, I attended adult night classes at a local music school to learn enough notation to write my music sheets in a more professional-looking way. 

I believe that Music is the language the heart speaks, and I always wanted to learn and speak that language. That’s why Music should always touch the heart of the listener, it should always play those inner heartstrings we all have.

I have written music scores for a variety of projects in many different styles, including orchestral pieces, TV ads, corporate videos, short film scores, fashion shows, and musical theater shows (my main passion)

I am a graduate of NMI (New Musicals, Inc. Hollywood, CA), where I attended both the Core Curriculum Program and the Fringe Curriculum Program in Music Theater. 

Musical theater is my passion. I have written several musicals, MOCTEZUMA’S REVENGE, (a full-length musical, for which I wrote music, lyrics, and book), THE LAST DORTHAL (an internet web series, for which I wrote the music, with book and lyrics by Wayne Self), and THE CURE (a short musical for which I wrote the music, with book and lyrics by BK Wells, premiered at the Broadwater Theater – Hollywood, in July 2019)

I’m currently writing several new musicals and involved in a variety of creative musical projects.


words are the music the heart WRITES

Since my youth, I have always been an avid reader, and I soon found a love for writing as a way to express emotions and tell stories, something that music and literature allowed me to do.

I believe that words, like musical notes, are the music the heart writes, and there’s nothing more pleasing than reading them and being carried away into wonderful new worlds.

Through the years I have written pieces for different fields, like screenplays for short films, theater plays, musical theater books, or newspaper articles, but novels have always been my main literary interest.

My novels deal with a wide variety of surprising subjects, some set in the present time, some in historical settings, but always offering plenty of adventure, honesty and passion.

As a foreign correspondent in New Zealand for the digital edition of the newspaper La Vanguardia, (Barcelona, Spain), I have written several articles on NZ-related subjects.

I also published a short story in the anthology book “Murder The Audience Wrote” (published in 2016 by Editorial Círculo Rojo).

My novel UXMALA was selected as Finalist in the VII HISPANIA Historical Novel Literary Prize (2019) in Spain.  

I’m the author of five novels (which I always write in Spanish and English versions), and I am currently working on several new ones, in addition to some sequels and the next installments in an upcoming series.

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