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What if our deceased relatives could
contact us over the phone from the other side?

Marc, a recently divorced art restoration expert cannot believe his son when the kid tells him he is having phone conversations with his grandfather, which would be nothing out of the ordinary, except for the fact that his grandfather has been dead for years.

In 1140 AD, a young friar on a secret mission for one of his superiors is chased by an evil entity and will risk his life to protect a mysterious box. He will hide it within the walls of the Benedictine Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes, where it will remain hidden for centuries.

In the present time, a mysterious stranger hires Marc to decode the symbols carved on a millenary clay tablet, which will soon put him on the trail of one of mankind’s best-kept secrets, the potential existence of a portal to communicate directly with the Other Side.

When the life of his little son is threatened by the evil forces, Marc and his partner Sandra will set off on a dangerous quest that will take them around the country, exploring medieval ruins, unraveling dark family secrets, and fighting for their lives against otherworldly enemies which try to conquer the immense power that lays beyond the portal, a secret hidden for centuries.

Their quest may bring them closer to finding the truth about the portal’s existence, but it can also mean the end of his life and that of his loved ones.

Marc will have to determine whether it is a direct line with Heaven, Hell, or with someplace very different.


A thrilling adventure that will take you to Sant Pere de Rodes Monastery, Gaudi's Sagrada Familia cathedral, Barcelona city, and
the Alt Pirineu National Park.

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Monastery with red sky


It is located on a hill in the province of Girona (Catalonia), overlooking the Port de la Selva Bay, on the spectacular Costa Brava.

It is believed to have been founded in the 9th century, soon becoming a Benedictine monastery, a fine example of native Catalan Romanesque.

The site displays an imposing defensive tower, a magnificent yet austere church with a bell tower, and two superimposed cloisters, surrounded by a dining room, monks’ cells and other quarters.

Legend says the monastery was built on top of a chapel that had been erected by monks fleeing by boat from the city of Rome under siege, carrying holy relics (the head and one hand of Saint Peter) which they buried in those hills.

"Family will always be at the heart of everything. When all seems lost, when darkness is all around us and there´s no hope in sight, wouldn´t it be nice to hear a comforting voice telling us everything will be alright and showing us the way?"

Xavier Vidal
Sant Pere de Rodes - Heads


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Could a person be forced to commit suicide to save the life of a loved one?

The same passion to discover the truth behind the old legend of the mythical suicide room in an exclusive casino fuels an unlikely pair, two men sharing a common obsession, they are investigating along the same lines and chasing the same serial killer, but they live in different time periods, 100 years apart.


Could Chopin have been part of a secret conspiracy to save the free world from the greatest threat in its millenary history?

Inés wants to find out the truth about the mysterious disappearance of Subinspector Morillo. Her quest will take her to Mallorca, where she will face a sinister organization that has spent centuries searching for an object that can forever alter worldwide power balance. 

Millenary secrets will be revealed and new ones will come to light in this long-awaited sequel to THE SUICIDE ROOM, the first novel in the series THE BICYCLE CHRONICLES.


What would you do if you received an anonymous proposition to live for free in a magnificent French castle?

What if the castle had been hiding a dark secret for decades?

A young courageous woman will face her worst fears to survive in a strange and hostile world, reliving dark chapters of recent history, and rediscovering herself in the process.

How far would you go to defend your family against an invisible enemy that could destroy your whole world?


An ancient Aztec curse will travel beyond time and space, haunting those couples brave enough to face it.

In the XVIth century, in the midst of the Spanish Conquest of Mexico, a brave woman, the illegitimate daughter of an Aztec High Priest in the court of Emperor Moctezuma, will fight the prejudices and cultural beliefs of her time, to defend her love for one of the Spanish invaders. 

In the present time, a young European doctor and a Mexican archeologist make a terrifying discovery, and are haunted by an evil enemy. Their quest will take them around the world on a frantic race to stop the curse and free their ancestors. 

the b.s. crew

New Zealand was helpless against an imminent Japanese invasion.

Only the ultimate secret weapon could save the country.

Two officers tracking soldiers missing in action during World War II in the Pacific make an unbelievable discovery.

A secret hidden during more than 70 years; one that forever changed history.

The simple lives and the future of several generations of New Zealand families will be tragically altered by their active participation in the two World Wars.

A passionate and heart-warming story of courage, determination, and friendship that can overcome any adversity.

Action-filled adventure, but above all, full of humanity (and a bit of kiwi ingenuity).

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